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Q: How private is the property?
  • While there are neighbouring cottages, Halfmoon Paradise Cottage is privately situated on Haas Lake (affectionately dubbed Paradise Lake by the locals).  It is on a treed lot and comes with a private yard, dock and dock extension.


Q: Will we need to bring dishes and cutlery? Pots and pans?
  • No, we provide everything you need in the kitchen except consumables.

Q: Is the tap water safe to drink?
  • Yes, our tap water is tested, filtered and safe to drink.


Q: Will linens/towels be provided?
  • We provide blankets, comforters, and pillows. For an additional fee we will provide full sets of linens and towels upon request.

Q: What household appliances and entertainment are there at the cottage?
  • We offer a fridge, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, propane BBQ, TVs, DVD, satellite dish, WiFi, pool table, children books, board games, paddle board, paddle boat, canoe, and kayak among many more. Please see our "Amenities" page for a full list.


Q: Do you have air conditioning?
  • Yes, our cottage has central air conditioning and allows for convenient temperature control.


Q: Can we bring our pet?
  • Please inquire about our pet policy. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Can we smoke in the cottage?
  • Absolutely NO smoking is allowed inside the cottage. Cannabis is restricted in all cottage areas.  No exceptions.

Q: Can we set off fireworks at the cottage?
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited unless they are set off during specified long weekends.  Here is the Algonquin Highlands bylaw regarding fireworks:

    • "The bylaw relegates the setting off of fireworks to New Year’s Eve, the Victoria Day weekend, Canada Day, as well as the weekend either preceding or following Canada Day, depending on where during the week Canada Day falls; the Civic Holiday weekend and the Labour Day long weekend. With the exception of New Year’s Eve, the permissible time for the setting off of fireworks is between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. On New Year’s Eve, fireworks may be set off between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m."

Q: Can we set up outdoor fires during any time of the day?
  • Daytime burning in the firepits is not allowed.  Here is the Algonquin Highlands bylaw regarding outdoor fires and burning:

    • "Effective April 1 until October 31st, daytime burning is prohibited in Algonquin Highlands. This means no outdoor fires between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. No burning allowed at all if a fire ban is in effect."

Q: Is the lake water nice to swim in? Is there a shallow area for young children?
  • Yes, swimming and other water activities offer hours of refreshing leisure during your stay. The water is fairly shallow for quite a way. Our team strives to maintain a weed-free environment for your comfort and enjoyment. We do however, suggest that you never leave minors (and pets) unattended. You may consider bringing along aqua shoes (particularly for young children) as you may run into water lily season. These plants play an essential role in the ecosystem for big mouth bass breeding, and in turn, fishing for guests.


Q: Is there good fishing on Haas Lake?
  • Yes, Haas Lake generally has a healthy population of Large Mouth Bass and Haliburton Gold Lake Trout. Its smaller lake size, complementing its natural topography, has earned Haas Lake the nickname of Paradise Lake. Large Mouth Bass breed and feed around the water lilies which creates an ideal opportunity for fishing enthusiasts.


Q: Should we bring our own life jackets?
  • Yes. We provide a limited selection of life jackets, however for your safety and comfort, we suggest you bring your own to ensure proper fit and sizing.


Q: How close is the nearest hospital? Grocery store? Other shopping?
  • Haliburton Village is a 5-7 minute drive away with a medical clinic, grocery stores and a selection of restaurants, LCBO outlet and other specialty shops.


Q: Is there a public boat launch and can I dock at the cottage?
  • Yes, there is a boat launch just a few minutes away from our cottage, "4184 Glamorgan Rd." Unfortunately there are no boat launch signs present.  You can follow the entrance of the driveway and go directly to the lake. This is the regular spot our guests launch their boats and then dock by our lakefront during their stay.

Q: I have more people in my party than the occupancy level permits, can an exception be made?
  • The maximum occupancy level of 12 people is set based on wear and tear of the cottage, water levels/septic system capacity, and the number of guests we can comfortably accommodate. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the owner upon request.


Q: Do I have to clean the cottage?
  • Yes, it is the responsibility of our guests to clean the cottage at the end of their stay. Cleaning supplies and equipment are readily available and you will be provided with a cleaning checklist. The cottage will be inspected prior to your arrival and again after your departure. Upon request, a professional cleaning service may be made available for an additional fee.


Q: Can I have visitors/guests at the cottage?
  • As long as the number of guests do not exceed our maximum occupancy, your guests are welcome to visit.  However, due to liability concerns, you must contact the office to have each additional person added to your application.  Only registered occupants are allowed on the premises. This policy applies to day-visitors as well as overnight guests. There is an additional charge of $150 per person per night if occupancy exceeds 10 guests.  Failure to comply may result in immediate eviction without refund.


Q: Is the cottage available for a Long Weekend Rental?
  • Partial stays may be available depending on cottage availability during our low season. Please consult the owner directly for more information.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
  • If you have to cancel, we will make every effort to re-book the cottage for you. If successful, the total paid to date of cancellation will be refunded less a $200.00 cancellation fee. If we are unsuccessful, all funds received up to the cancellation date will be forfeited to the company.


Q: What is there to do in the area?
  • There are many year-round activities to enjoy while vacationing at the cottage. Please check out our “Things to Do” page to assist you in tailoring your vacation to suit your own unique preferences.


Q: Are we able to get the address of the cottage to view it prior to renting?
  • For privacy, security, and insurance reasons we do not provide the cottage address prior to your final payment. Our website gives a detailed description of the cottage as well as numerous photos showcasing the inside and outside of the property.


Q: What do I do if there is a problem when I'm at the cottage?
  • Upon arrival and/or throughout your stay, if you encounter any problems, please contact us and we will try to remedy the problem as soon as possible. For your consideration and to avoid unnecessary culpability, we ask that you do not wait until your vacation is over to advise us of any issues. 

Q: What do I do with my garbage?
  • It is your responsibility to dispose of, and remove from the premises, all garbage and recyclables.  Information on garbage disposal options in the area is posted in the cottage for your convenience.


Q: Will my cell phone work at the cottage?
  • Cell reception is generally good at the cottage but not in all surrounding areas. You may wish to check with your service provider to determine whether a specific area has service or not.

Q: How do I get the keys and directions to the cottage?
  • The information will be provided upon receipt of your final payment.


Q: Why do you require my Home Owners or Rental Content Insurance?
  • This is a privately owned vacation rental property that is strictly covered by Liability Insurance only. In fairness to all parties, your Home Owner's or Rental Content Insurance is required in the event of any negligent damages. Please let us know if you have any further concerns.


Q: Where can I find the Booking Application?
  • Please contact us to request the application.

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